I am very proud to be an Eclipse Trumpets Endorsed Artist. I was actually a client before I became one of their artists and, despite having access to their full range of trumpets, I still choose to play the same Trumpet I bought from Eclipse as a client a few years ago. I also play an Eclipse Flugelhorn.

The Trumpet I play on is the Enigma LYL. I really enjoy the open feel of this horn. The Large Yellow Lightweight bell ( LYL) is very versatile and is great for all styles of playing. The interchangeable leadpipe system has really helped me find the perfect set up for myself. It has taken me in a direction that I would never have tried, had it not been for the changeable leadpipe system and, Leigh McKinney’s endless patience. I actually play the largest leadpipe that they make. I find the large leadpipe and large bell to be a great combination. (Astonishingly, this set up is great for lead playing, too!) Besides the technical excellence of the Trumpet, which is a given with Eclipse, I feel much closer to the music when I play.

I play the standard Eclipse Flugelhorn. Again, a superb instrument! Before playing their instruments, I would always play the Flugel for ballads, shying away from the Trumpet. With these horns, I mix it up a lot more. I like both instruments equally for every style and, switching between the Flugel and Trumpet is effortless and, actually very enjoyable!

A huge thanks to Leigh, Carl and everyone at Eclipse Trumpets for inviting me to be part of the team!