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Without a doubt, two of the most important things I have learned as a trumpet player is how to play with a good air compression, and how to prepare myself to play (otherwise known as a warm up). I had the good fortune of learning from the very best in the business, the great Bobby Shew. However, I do not profess to be a teacher of Bobby’s method. For that you must contact him directly.
It is very important to play the trumpet in an efficient manner, which is achieved by forming the aperture on a good air compression, so we can excite the air that is already in the horn! Once this is set up, we can develop it every day by applying it to actually playing music. Our technical and musical development must happen at the same time, so it is important to spend equal amounts of time on both.
In my lessons, I recommend to my students that they focus on playing correctly rather than blindly playing endurance exercises. Aperture control and air compression are widely misunderstood which is a great shame as they can be learned very quickly and regarded by the body as a completely natural way to play within weeks. It is then that the process of great improvement can really begin. i.e. we have something to build on!
It is important to understand that we can over blow when playing very quietly. Over blowing occurs when we use the mouthpiece to create compression by blowing air into a small hole to create compression. The compression has to be created by ourselves which then becomes a balancing act between ourself, the mouthpiece and the counter-compression of the trumpet.
We can then apply these principles to playing the way we would like to play, by copying our idols who we listen to all the time. Once the air compression and aperture are on the right track, the only limitations we have is how well we listen.

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