Masterclass with David Hitchen

When I hold a masterclass, the content can vary depending on the situation I am presented with. If for example, there is a room full of trumpet players wishing to improve their general trumpet playing techniques, I concentrate mainly on the areas of trumpet playing I have talked about on my ‘Lessons’ page on this website.

Sometimes there may be a trumpet section, or maybe a full big band that would like to work on phrasing, so we simply hold a rehearsal, working on phrasing, the use of vibrato, and the many other ways of bringing the written music to life.

Jazz Improvisation masterclasses are always a lot of fun. The one step at a time approach is very important. Learn the melody, Embellish the melody, Improvise around the melody, Identify a chord to aim for and accurately execute in each chorus, guide tones, II-V-I, and so on until we are playing the changes. How far we go depends on the group.

David Hitchen

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